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Learning Spanish has been an evolving experience for me. Learning Spanish where it is spoken is the best way to acquire the language. There are excellent programs to learn spanish with other teachers as well as programs for families. Find the program that works best for you and start learning the language!

This site was created as a result of a 3 week summer conference. During the summer of 1997, twenty Spanish teachers from throughout the Pacific Northwest met in Forest Grove, Oregon at Pacific University for the first annual regional conference and workshop for FLES teachers (Teachers of Foreign Languages in the Elementary School). The morning was composed of an excellent class on teaching Spanish taught bySusan Cabello of Pacific University. She taught us how the songs and games can be used very effectively to teach Spanish to young children. The music and games help the children feel a part of the language and they quickly become involved in the rhythm, words, and fun. Most of us in the group feel that the camaraderie that we gained as a group was invaluable and we continue to share ideas with each other.

The purpose of this site is to share these ideas with you and to allow you to contribute as well. Please submit your ideas to Doug Shivers . Feel free to submit your ideas in either English or Spanish. Let's all help each other teach Spanish to preschool, kindergarten and elementary age children! You can also visit my classroom and see what's going on there or see my latest blog on trends in teaching English as a Second Language.

Another way to really learn a language is to live in the country where it is spoken for an extended period. From March until August 2000 my family and I took a break from our regular work routine to live three months in Israel and three months in Costa Rica. During the time I visited schools in both countries to see what I could learn from different teaching methods. You can see a summary of the trip and read a report on bilingual schools in Israel, including the pioneering school in the village of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam. Now you can also read about my 11 weeks in Costa Rica during that summer in 2000. I visited several kindergartens and elementary schools there and the approach to teaching second languages was quite varied.

The Truth Behind The Numbers: What APRs REALLY Mean

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Let°«s take a look for ourselves!

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The basic formula to calculate an APR on a Payday Loan is:

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First, we have to calculate $15/$100, which is .15

Then, we calculate 365/14, which is 26.071 (cutting out several digits to simplify)

Now, multiply .15 * 26.071, which comes to 3.91065 and rounds up to 3.9107

Multiply that by 100 to get the actual percentage of 391.07%, or as the formula would look°ń.

(($15/$100) * (365 days/14 days))*100 = APR of 391.07%

On this next example below I°«m using an online long term APR calculator

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Visit our bookstore . We've selected several books and CD's that would be perfect for your early childhood classroom, including a recently released interactive CD ROM and book called "Musical Spanish", books and CD's by Jos-Luis Orozco, and music by Compañia Infantil Televicentro.


Families Learn Spanish
in Antigua, Guatemala
Ten Days of Fun in Summer 2009!
Guatemalan children
*Teachers who enjoy working with children
*Individual and group lessons according to
the learning style of your child
*Private Spanish lessons for the adults
*Live with a local family
*Visit beautiful Lake Atitlan
*Special cultural activities for children
*Have fun with other families

Teachers Learn Spanish
in Antigua. Guatemala
Join us for Summer 2009

* Private Spanish tutor for everyone
* Live with a local family
*Learn about the local culture
Visit Tikal or Lake Atitlan
* 5 hours Portland State graduate credit
*Learn about Mayan Culture in Guatemala
*Study the Guatemalan Education System

  Want to start expriencing the beauty of Antigua right now? Download our free 46 minute recording of the sounds of Antigua at 5:30 AM as the city starts to wake up. Use it to relax at night! You need a fast connection or lots of patience, though. The file is 31.6 MB

Learn Spanish with Us in Mexico!

Learn Spanish where it's spoken by joining us at the Cemanahuac Educational Community in Cuernavaca, Mexico this Summer or any time during the year! Cuernavaca has been called the "city of the eternal Spring" where temperatures are pleasant all year long. Stay with a local family and learn the customs as well as the language.

If you don't have time for a trip to Mexico, consider the excellent computer software program Rosetta Stone Given high marks by just about everyone who reviews it, the program immerses you in the language while you study in the comfort of your own home, office, or internet cafe. They now offer courses in 28 different languages, so wherever you go in the world, can can learn the language that is spoken there.

Songs and Games for You!

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La Pulga de San José

Pim Pon


Las ruedas del camión

Que llueva

Los Pollitos

De Colores

La Granja

Las manitos

Buenos Días Señor Pulgar


Arroz con Leche

Los Elefantes

Naranja Dulce

La Víbora de la Mar

Doa Blanca

El Pulgar

Body Part Games

Clown Books

Domingo Siete!

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