Body Part Games

by Susan Lee Graves

I have enjoyed working with the kids recently on body parts- here are some of the things I've done.

Teach parts with a variety of TPR: some the kids especially liked were directing individual kids to put hands, feet, heads etc. (using left and right in the directives) on chairs and desks. I even let kids stand on the desks- one at a time - and they of course loved it. Giving directions to other kids using body parts; stretching (we did runners stretches for the jog-a -thon); Simon Dice; Heads,S,K and T; making statues by giving directions to one child to touch the body part of the previous, adding kids as you go; playing a game where you say a part, ex, elbows, and everyone has to find a partner and touch, elbow to elbow, (using an odd # so one kid gets left out each time), then another word and switch partners; Duck/Duck/Goose where "duck" is a body part and "goose" something else (I used nino or nina). (This week we branched out into taking steps of different sizes and in different directions, then played "Mother May I" practicing the vocab.)

Partner activity: I drew a face on the board with colored chalk describing the part, the color, and a size (chico o grande). They came out pretty comical. Then I modeled with a kid a partner activity where one gives the directives to the other as they draw a face,with a visual barrier in between them, and at the end they can see how similar the faces are.

I also made a "Pin the part on the face " by laminating a big drawing of a face and some drawn facial features. A blindfolded child tried to place the part on the face recieving directions from classmates as to higher, lower, to the left, more, a little., etc.

Next I'm going to talk about Day of the Dead and show photos of the little skeleton statues and drawings, talk about significance, etc. I made a copy of a line drawing of a skeleton, each child will get one and cut it into pieces as I give directions (cut out the head..). Then as a partner activity, each child will ask another for each part of the skeleton, pasting it onto a piece of colored paper as they create a pose.

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