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Libros de Alfguara

Musical Spanish (includes music CD/interactive CD-Rom) by Stacey Tipton

Colección del Recuerdo Intantil por Cri-Cri y Compañia Infantil Televicentro

Diez Deditos by Jos-Luis Orozco

De Colores by Jos-Luis Orozco

Los Pollitos Dicen by Nancy Abraham Hall and Jill Syverson-Stork

Tortillas y Cancioncitas by Lynn Reiser

Mother Goose on the Rio Grande by Frances Alexander

Let's Learn Spanish Picture Dictionary by Marlene Goodman

Tortillitas Para Mama by Griego, Bucks, Gilbert and Kimball

Buenas Noches Luna by Margaret Wise Brown

Tengo Seis Aos by Ann Morris

Veloz como el grillo by Audrey Wood

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