Clown Books by Kathy Boyer

Create a booklet during the year to use for review of learned vocabulary

Lesson objective: Students will create a booklet during the year for review of learned vocabulary.

Materials: 24 x 9 Black construction paper, colored paper scraps (from recycle box), glue, scissors.


  1. After you have learned colors and clothing (or vocabulary from some other sort of unit), have your students make a"un payaso." Post your example of your payaso. (My suggestion is to create one of your own of each, first, to see how they go.)

  2. Pass out one piece of black paper to each student and ask them to use only cut paper (no drawing). They are to create a clown dressed extremely bizarrely--using loud colors. The more detail, the better.

  3. Demonstrate how to cut things out, like hair that will stick out, applying texture, etc. . . . Discuss extras, like bows, hats, flowers, fingers, buttons, etc. . . . (Don't forget to include striped and polka dotted things, etc.) State requirements like the need for hats, accessories, shoes, hands and textured hair, etc. Try to have them include as much of your covered vocabulary in their pictures as possible.

  4. Have one group at a time go to the box of scraps and pick 3-4 colors to work with. Pass out scissors and glue for students.

  5. Supervise activity, offering suggestions. When done, laminate them and post on the bulletin board.

Closure: Use these to review and discuss vocabulary for color, numbers body parts and clothing. Example: Have a student talk about his 'payaso' using his Spanish as much as he can. "My clown has 2 red shoes, three green buttons, red hair and a yellow hat." (Mi payaso tiene dos zapatos, tres zapatos, tres butones verdes, pelorojo y un sombrero amarillo.)

Make the same sort of pictures with houses by making colorful houses with windows, flowers, trees, chimneys, doors, etc. that will use house vocabulary.

When done with these, collect, laminate and save them. At the end of the year, make into their own booklets for each of them to use to practice their vocabulary. There are no words in the book, only colorful pictures that they can use as prompts to describe using their learned vocabulary.

Kathy would be glad to answer any questions that you have about these lessons. Please write to her.

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