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Cemanahuac Educational Community, located in Cuernavaca, Mexico, offers one of the finest programs of Spanish language study in Mexico, one that is recognized by many online colleges, universities, and school systems in the United States. The language program is an ongoing program which is available 52 weeks per year. Click here to receive more information and receive registration forms for this enriching study program. (You are also welcome to bring family members. The whole family can learn Spanish!)

Costs are very reasonable and allow you to vastly improve your Spanish without breaking your budget.

Spanish Language Program

The basic approach to the study of Spanish at Cemanahuac is a balanced one, with emphasis on speaking and listening, reading and writing. At Cemanahuac, class-time emphasis is placed on the communicative skills, and stress is placed on speaking and listening, with the grammar embedded in the exercises used to develop these skills. Therefore, clinics and workshops on reading and composition are held each week, so these skills are not neglected. "Out of the classroom exercises" are included, with teachers asked to plan at least one trip to a nearby spot at least once a week...the post office, the grocery store, a restaurant, etc....for the purpose of vocabulary building and learning situation-appropriate behavior and language. The Cemanahuac staff believes this approach clearly fulfills our slogan, "Study Spanish where it's spoken."

Cemanahuac does not seek to be the largest language education program in Mexico, but it does attempt to be the best! It is with this philosophy in mind that the language program embraces the five goal areas that are identified in Standards for Foreign Language Education...Preparing for the 21st Century. This document, written by a blue-ribbon task force of language education professionals and endorsed by all language education associations, identifies the "Five C's" of Foreign Language Education. Cemanahuac teachers and staff members wholeheartedly support the these goals and consider them essential for our language study program.

Language and cultural studies are at the core of our curriculum, enabling the student to begin to reach toward a greater language competency.

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Language is NOT best learned in a cultural vacuum!!! In addition to the four/five hours a day of Spanish, Cemanahuac offers a host of special programs of interest to educators and others, including:

Click here to receive more information and get registration forms for this special study program for teachers, students, business people and anyone who wants to learn Spanish. (You are also welcome to bring family members. The whole family can learn Spanish!)

Spanish Language Bookstore

Before you go to Mexico, you'll want to check out the great selection of books that we have for studying Spanish, brushing up on idioms and slang, and touring Mexico. Our bookstore has everything to prepare you for the big trip.

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